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Here’s a good place to begin getting a sense of my writing style. I’m a generalist and always happy to learn more about a topic in order to write about it.


Articles on the Adobe blog.

I wrote about fonts semi-regularly here while working at Adobe in 2018 and 2019.

Various articles for the Typekit blog.

I managed the Typekit blog from 2013 until 2018, soliciting and editing articles, authoring many of them, and often ghostwriting posts from team leadership.


“Writing is Thinking” for A List Apart.

An appeal to anyone who thinks they aren’t capable of writing an article: Yes you are, and here’s why.

“Digital Archives & the Content Strategist” for Contents Magazine.

How library school trained me as a content strategist, and how content strategy can be applied in archives.

Speaking Events

This is an area where I hope to grow more! Please get in touch if your group is too large for me to realistically do a workshop with, as you might be a good candidate for a tailored talk.

TypeCon 2016

A 20-minute presentation on communication strategy, geared towards typographers and type designers.

When Words Matter: Writing About Type / TypeCon 2016