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I love workshops. I think they’re a great opportunity to strengthen a team and explore its creative potential. I also believe writing and communication are learnable skills, and I’d be delighted to share what I know with you and apply it to your specific needs.

I offer a free 15-minute or email consultation about these, so don’t hesitate to ask if this is right for your team!

Types of Workshops I do

Website Identity and Mission Statement

Do you need a mission statement on your website? Who is your audience? We’ll work through key questions about your organization’s identity and stated goals with the aim of making your web presence both persuasive and authentic.

Core Values Exploration

What are the core values of your product, and how does this affect the way it’s built? Great for growing teams whose newer members may be feeling overwhelmed by the unwritten rules about how work is done.

Developing a Team Charter

Excellent for a new team or one with recent restructuring, where alignment on core concepts is a foundational step. What problems are you really trying to solve? If your meetings have been devolving into philosophical debates, this workshop will help.

Something else?

Got an idea for something that isn’t here? Let me know about it! I’m always adapting these and will be happy to highlight themes that better suit your team.